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[AUCTeX] texlive 2011 and synctex (forward search

From: Benjamin Slade
Subject: [AUCTeX] texlive 2011 and synctex (forward search
Date: Sun, 24 Jul 2011 14:17:28 -0500

I've asked this question unsuccessfully a number of different place ( ), ( ), ( ), and was wondering if anyone on the auctex list has a suggestion:

Forward search with Emacs+AUCTeX doesn't work for me anymore using TeXlive 2011.

The trouble seems to stem from a new way of handling path information:

2010: Input:1:multcirc-2.tex Input:32:multcirc-2.aux Input:43:multcirc-2.aux

2011: Input:1:F:/wfke/Tex/publ/Multcirc/./multcirc-2.tex Input:32:F:/wfke/Tex/publ/Multcirc/./multcirc-2.aux Input:43:F:/wfke/Tex/publ/Multcirc/./multcirc-2.aux

See here ( ).

Is there an easy fix for this with AUCTeX? I'm currently using Okular as my pdfviewer (under Linux).


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