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Re: Check for `mmap' fails on Cygwin/Windows

From: Corinna Vinschen
Subject: Re: Check for `mmap' fails on Cygwin/Windows
Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2000 11:26:06 +0200

Alexandre Oliva wrote:
> Yep.  The problem is that the macro that is currently in autoconf was
> borrowed from a package (GNU grep, IIRC) that actually depended on
> MAP_FIXED.  We shouldn't just change its meaning.  We should have
> never added such a specific macro with such a generic name.  It should
> have always been called AC_FUNC_MMAP_FIXED, or something alike.  Maybe
> it's time to rename it and make the original name a deprecated alias
> that would be adjusted by autoupdate, so that we can easily add other
> alternatives of MMAP later on.

Agree. IMO, the usage of that macro should in future autoconf releases
always raise a warning message at least.

> What you probably want
> is something like GCC's AC_FUNC_MMAP_ANYWHERE and AC_FUNC_MMAP_FILE.
> We might just steal those macros as part of the renaming of
> AC_FUNC_MMAP.  Here they are, for the record:
> [...]

I agree. AFAICS, the AC_FUNC_MMAP_ANYWHERE would fail in Cygwin but
that's a Cygwin problem which could be avoided by a change in Cygwin.


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