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Re: Moving diversions into M4sugar

From: akim
Subject: Re: Moving diversions into M4sugar
Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2000 20:26:22 +0000
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On Thu, Oct 26, 2000 at 03:21:34PM -0200, Alexandre Oliva wrote:
> On Oct 26, 2000, Akim Demaille <address@hidden> wrote:
> > I didn't include `adjust dependency' coz frankly, of course they are!
> The usual way to do it is ``Fixed all callers''.
> >     * acgeneral.m4 (_AC_DIVERT, AC_DIVERT, AC_DIVERT_PUSH)
> >     (AC_DIVERT_POP): Move to...
> Please keep aliases of the public macros.  If you do it, you don't
> have to change all callers, and you introduce one intermediate level
> of abstraction between m4sugar diversions and autoconf's.

I agree public macros must be kept, but none of the macros I moved in
this patch is public.  Diversions are way too internal to have ever been
used in any project.  And if they did, they are arlready broken since the
deep work we made in there.

So here I don't think it is needed.  But of course, m4_defun will have
an alias AC_DEFUN etc.  Those are public macros, and some other non
public macros will be kept because they've been used by various
people.  But *not* diversions.  That's about the most internal thing in
Autoconf.  Well, not ``about'', it's precisely the innermost Autoconf

> In fact, I'd go farther that way, and move some of the diversions into
> m4sugar, some to m4sh and keep some in acgeneral.

I don't understand ``some in m4sh'', there is really nothing related to
it in there.  Since we don't import AC_IFELSE instead of `ifelse', AC_IFDEF
etc. (and I think we are right not to), I'm personally not fond of duplicating
each low level macro into the name space of higher levels.

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