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From: Alexandre Oliva
Subject: Re: AS_EXIT
Date: 29 Oct 2000 23:29:31 -0200
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On Oct 29, 2000, Pavel Roskin <address@hidden> wrote:

> since the issue is raised we may want to add braces to AS_EXIT:

> define([AS_EXIT],
> [{ (exit m4_default([$1], 1)); exit; }])

We definitely should, as long as it doesn't introduce further lossage
in broken shells.

> But this would mean nested braces in AC_MSG_ERROR. Not nice.

I don't see the problem of having nested braces.  Is it some
portability issue I'm unaware of?

> Also we could have smarter AS_EXIT that would expand to ":; exit"
> for 0, "false; exit" for 1 or no argument and "(exit $1); exit" in
> general case.

I have mixed feelings about that.  Even though the resulting script
may get a little bit cleaner, it doesn't follow that it's easier to
understand (not everybody will immediately get that `:' and `false'
will set the exit status we want to exit), and it would make the
implementation of the macro more complicated.

That said, I wouldn't oppose to such a move.

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