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No, I *don't* HAVE_IO_H!

From: David Andrew Michael Noelle
Subject: No, I *don't* HAVE_IO_H!
Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2000 11:37:35 -0400

I'm not entirely certain this is the right forum for this message,
because I don't know where this problem is coming from.  Lately (and I
don't recall exactly when it started) I've been having a great deal of
trouble compiling things because the configure scripts keep defining
"HAVE_" macros for things that I'm quite certain, and locate easily
confirms, do not exist anywhere on my system.  More often than not, I
have to manually edit the "config.h" file to change things like 

#define HAVE_IO_H 1


#undef HAVE_IO_H

for each #included file that shouldn't be, then restart make until it
stops at the next one.

BTW: I'm using Slackware 7.1 with Linux 2.2.16 and gcc version
egcs-2.91.66 (egcs-1.1.2 release) so there really shouldn't be any
WIN\DOS header files for configure to find.

Can anyone tell me what might cause this?  What can I check and what can
I do to fix it?  Re-installing/upgrading autoconf, automake, and make
didn't help.  In fact, I re-installed the whole Slackware "d1"
development set, just to be sure I wasn't getting things out of sync by
upgrading one at a time.  That didn't seem to have any effect on this

            -Dave Noelle,                 address@hidden
            -the Villa Straylight,
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Disclaimer: The preceding message, including this segment that purports
to be a disclaimer, is merely a stream of white noise generated
randomly by a power surge.  The fact that it may appear to be readable
text when interpreted by certain programs is entirely coincidental,
and is in fact much more likely than monkeys producing the script for
Hamlet, given that power surges tend to occur much more frequently
than any of the sequences of events that might lead to vast numbers of
simians having both access to typewriters and motivation to use them.

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