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Re: Where did the Cygwin and Mingw checks go?

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Re: Where did the Cygwin and Mingw checks go?
Date: 17 Nov 2000 09:33:14 +0100
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>>>>> "Mo" == Mo DeJong <address@hidden> writes:

Mo> Whats the deal?

That's the result of our hesitations about this issues, and the fact
that we couldn't even come up with a precise definition of what EXEEXT
and OBJEXT are.

For a start: are they related to host, or to build?

Once things are clear, fixing will probably be easy.

AFAI'm concerned there are already too many threads pending, and I'm
trying to close them one by one, which means some have been delayed
until the others have been addressed.  Your problem is known, but
dormant until other things have been flushed.  I regret this :(

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