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Re: AC_OBJEXT again

From: Alexandre Oliva
Subject: Re: AC_OBJEXT again
Date: 12 Dec 2000 18:56:37 -0200
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On Dec 12, 2000, address@hidden wrote:

>       EXEEXT and OBJEXT don't need to know $CYGWIN etc.
Ok, but I'd rather have the macros renamed to either _AC_HOST_???EXT
or _AC_CC_???EXT (and only test with the C compiler).

But I'm also a bit unsure as to whether we should use _AC_LINK_IFELSE,
given that this macro will tell the compiler to create an executable
named `conftest', and this may disable whatever default extension the
compiler might have selected.  The bad side of this is that, if we
leave the decision up to the compiler, we'll get a.out or a.exe, which
is out of autoconf's file namespace.

> There remains just one question: what shall we do out of AC_CYGWIN etc.

> simply AU define them as [...]


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