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Re: Config error for Darwin (Mac OS/X)

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Re: Config error for Darwin (Mac OS/X)
Date: 13 Dec 2000 14:22:22 +0100
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| OpenLDAP 2.0.7
| The error happens when it is trying to read in all the makefiles and
| substitute the variables for teh values that it has found during the
| configure.  The configure works perfectly expect for the makefile bit.
| "sed: 45: conftest.s1: unescaped newline inside substitute pattern"
| this error happens for each Makefile it attempts to perform the
| substitution on.
| The for loop after the definition of $CONFIG_FILES is where the error
| is generated.  It is either:
| ac_file_in='echo "$ac_file"| sed 's%[^:]*:%%'`     or
| ac_file=`echo "$ac_file"| sed 's%:.*%%'`;;

What generation of Autoconf generated that configure?  It looks like
code from 2.13.  Please, download, regenerate the configure
from OpenLDAP with this Autoconf, and tell us if the bug is still

BTW, according to the error message, the error is not in those two
lines, but in the file named `conftest.s1'.

Finally, (now that I switched my brains on), just remember you are not
allowed to have newlines in substitutions.  Can you show what you
actually typed?  Do you happen to have directories with \n in the name?

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