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Re: Moving to Automake 1.4a

From: Earnie Boyd
Subject: Re: Moving to Automake 1.4a
Date: Fri, 12 Jan 2001 13:15:22 -0500

Pavel Roskin wrote:
> Hello, Earnie!
> > IMO, it would be undesirable to have autoconf use a version of automake
> > that isn't a released version.  When I was learning automake, autoconf,
> > etc. I went about it by actually using the tools on themselves.  Not
> > having a released version of automake would have been a stumbling block
> > as at the time I didn't have a cvs client and wouldn't have known that
> > it was possible to get the automake source from a CVS server even if I
> > had a cvs client.
> I guess you are slightly confused. 

No, I'm not.

> generated by the CVS
> Automake will be included in all releases of Autoconf. 

Yes, I not this, as well as the  What I wouldn't be able to
do without the CVS version is recreate  I can just imagine
the plethora of email to this list.

> Moreover,
> are even included in the CVS repository of Autoconf. You
> shouldn't need CVS Automake to build CVS Autoconf (but you may need some
> script like egcs-update to ensure that's are newer that their
> dependencies after CVS update).

egcs-update!?  What's that?

> Another proposal was to modify Automake to use some new features in
> Autoconf. It doesn't mean that every project using the latest Autoconf
> (CVS or otherwise) will be required to use an unreleased version of
> Automake.

Their intertwinedness warrants a merger of projects. ;)


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