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configure GUI somewhere?

From: Guido Draheim
Subject: configure GUI somewhere?
Date: Fri, 12 Jan 2001 23:31:54 +0100

...just a short question - is there possibly a configure GUI
somewhere? Something that parses "configure --help", shows a
nice GUI to change the options, and offers ability to run
configure $options, make and make install. No, I don't mean 
something that can do anything about configure-options, just 
a good subset of what one can see in "configure --help" is 
all one needs in the standard case. It would greatly simplify
the paveway for unexperienced users to install-from-source-tarballs.

just an idea, SCNR to ask, may be s.o. has a hint...
-- guido                                Edel sei der Mensch, hilfreich und gut
31:GCS/E/S/P C++$++++ ULHS L++w- N++@  d(+-) s+a- h.r(*@)>+++ y++ PS++PE 5++X-

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