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Re: Autoconf -- confirmation of subscription -- request 852449

From: Hal Morris
Subject: Re: Autoconf -- confirmation of subscription -- request 852449
Date: Sun, 14 Jan 2001 09:32:54 -0500 (EST)

Hi all.  It's good to see there is such an active autoconf team.  I work
for UTS Global, which has been supporting UNIX (a SysV.4-derived version
called UTS) on IBM/Amdahl type mainframes for about 20 years.

I hope you don't mind a very general sort of inquiry.

We've been pretty backwards about Open Source participation until new
management came along (we used to be a division of Amdahl; now we're an
independent software company).

I'd like to make autoconf as UTS-aware as possible as soon as possible
(no, I don't mean get you all to do it), so I'd like to know what's its
status.  At first I thought it was frozen circa 1/99, at version 2.13, but
now I see that's not so.

How can I learn about the release process, and when is the next
opportunity to get changes in a generally available system?

Also, I've looked at a lot of configure files, and seen very little
evidence of versions beyond 2.13 in use (one was generated by a 2.14
version).  Do you know why? or whether it's likely to change?

Thanks very much,   Hal Morris,   UTS Global

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