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RE: AC_PROG_CC problems on Windows with MKS Shell

From: Tim Van Holder
Subject: RE: AC_PROG_CC problems on Windows with MKS Shell
Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2001 20:41:46 +0100

> In lisp/scheme, you name predicates e.g. "is-integer?" or just "integer?".
> The C convention is for Guile to use names like SCM_INTEGER_P(value)
> where _P means it is a predicate.  I don't think _P is something we
> should use, and using "?" means changing the m4 word syntax, so it's
> probably not an option either.  We're really left with using IS_* to
> mark predicates, so something like AS_IS_EXECUTABLE(file) would be
> my suggestion.
As I'm an avid Emacs user (vi users: eat my shorts ;-P), I'd have used
AS_FILE_EXECUTABLE_P(file); or AS_EXECUTABLE_P(file), as it would work
for directories too.
But AS_IS_EXECUTABLE(file) is fine too.

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