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Re: More exit() troubles - the answer

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Re: More exit() troubles - the answer
Date: 22 Jan 2001 11:08:59 +0100
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>>>>> "Alexandre" == Alexandre Oliva <address@hidden> writes:

Lars> There's "#pragma once" and an ifndef wrapper in it ASAIR, so
Lars> that should work fine.  Using '' first in the list of
Lars> ac_declaration's didn't trigger though, probably for some other
Lars> reason.

Alexandre> It should work for C and older versions of g++, so it
Alexandre> should remain first.  A new entry with `#include
Alexandre> <stdlib.h>' should be added second.

Err, I don't want to dive into this thread...  Could somelars send us
the patch?  Thanks :)

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