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ANN: aclocal-archive 0.4.3

From: Guido Draheim
Subject: ANN: aclocal-archive 0.4.3
Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2001 11:26:27 +0200

Hi everyone, 

I have been updating my aclocal backpacker package, renaming it
to "aclocal-archive". Now it can create some rpm files for binary
distribution of aclocal macros for your convenience too. I would
like to have some comments on the usefulness of the aclocal-archive,
idea and I would like to know if some people want to share it,
in which case I could possibly go and open up a CVS area for it. Note, 
that a autoconf-archive.tar.gz could be created from such a cvs area
too, not just the native aclocal-archive-xxx.tar.gz tarball.

TIA, rgds, guido
If you did not know about this package before, here's the README:

 autoconf extensions that go into /usr/share/aclocal/ directory.
 This dir is searched for macros with the `aclocal` program.
 Installs also the macros found in the autoconf-archive.tar.gz 

 create a new subdirectory for your own macros that you use in
 your projects and place your m4 files in there, then add this
 directory to the automake-variable in You get
 a few makefile rules:

 configure - detect actual share/aclocal dir, and the m4 files available
 make dist - create a new snapshot of all m4-files availabe, as a tarball
 make install - install all m4-files in share/aclocal
 make doc - create html-files in the format of
 make install-doc - install html-files along with an index.html
 make pack - create autoconf-archive.tar.gz from uppercased subdirs
 make unpack - implant a snapshot
 make rpm - copy tarball to packages/SOURCES and build rpms
 make pack-doc - create html just like the
 make install-pack-doc - install only the official macro site docs

 add your m4-files subdir spec to ACLOCALS_ARCHIVE definition at the
 top of the Other files should be added to EXTRA_DIST.

 The configure script will make a `find . -name \*.m4` so that all
 m4 files are detected and installed, the automake-variable is only
 used for `make dist`, so you can create a subdir with files that
 shall not be distributed in your tarball.

 The primary goal is to help developers to seperate their m4 files
 out from the projects, and make them easily reusable not only
 for a number of projects - a `make dist` snapshot can be easily
 transferred across network boundaries, and a `make install` will
 update the m4-files available to `aclocal`.

 As a hint, you can compile autoconf and install it somewhere
 in your local non-root home-directory paths, the configure
 script of this package will detect the aclocal-dir from the
 `aclocal` program available, and install the m4-files in your
 home's share/aclocal extensions directory.

 last not least, to use it properly, update the version number
 from time to time in the aclocal-archive.spec - the configure
 script will derive the PACKAGE/VERSION defs from there.

 This is a preview, it is only announced to the autoconf mailinglist
 for discussion. The files are currently hosted side by side to
 the project release-files which is 
 of course not the right place. To download, have a look at
 for fils called "aclocal-archive-*"


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