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Re: Confusing/bogus message in config.log

From: Ivan Vlaev
Subject: Re: Confusing/bogus message in config.log
Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2001 18:59:55 +0200

Sorry if you already discussed it but, what about having both:
  configure --version
  configure --autoconf-version

at least i don't expect
  any-program --version
to dump the version of the compiler used for building it.

Probably this is matter of which version is most important, that of or autoconf?

Best regards,

"Derek R. Price" wrote:
> Tim Van Holder wrote:
> >
> > After all, the relevant version number for configure itself, is that
> > of the autoconf that created it; the name & version of the package
> > it's intended for are useful extra information.
> > And since you explicitly call it _GNU_, there's probably no reason
> > to explicitly state it was created by autoconf here; after all, that
> > will already be listed at the top of the file anyway.
> I must admit that this contains all the relevant information, but
> I think it violates the coding standard.  The text following the last
> space and up until the EOL is supposed to be a version string for the
> _program being run_.  I would hazard to say that two versions of a
> package could have different configure scripts generated by the same
> version of Autoconf.  Therefore, according to the GCS:
>     GNU configure (CVS 1.11) 2.50
> and
>     GNU configure (CVS 1.11.1) 2.50
> Would be claiming to be the same configure script distributed with two
> different package releases.
> Derek
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