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Re: autoconf auxdir

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Re: autoconf auxdir
Date: 11 Apr 2001 17:26:44 +0200
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>>>>> "Peter" == Peter Eisentraut <address@hidden> writes:

Peter> Akim Demaille writes:
>> Really, AC_CONFIG_CONFIGDIR seems the best candidate from the user
>> point of view, if we take the full picture into account.

Peter> If you were operating in a green field, this would be a valid
Peter> discussion, but it seems rather silly to discuss a name change
Peter> for the exclusive reason that you don't like the old name.

I do think this is good enough a reason.  *if* we can make it simpler
while keeping backward compatibility, there is no reason to keep

Peter> Nothing is more inconsistent than inconsistencies between
Peter> versions of the same software.

Yes: inconsistencies in the same version.

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