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Re: AC_PROG_YACC question

From: David Coquil
Subject: Re: AC_PROG_YACC question
Date: Sun, 7 Oct 2001 20:55:55 +0000
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On Fri, Oct 05, 2001 at 10:53:04AM -0600, Bob Proulx wrote:

> > I understand that was probably a design decision, a feature rather than a
> > bug, but I don't quite get the reasoning behind this decision.
> I have only dipped my toes into autoconf myself so don't take anything
> I say as authoritative.  And please pipe in with corrections.  That is
> my disclaimer.  But I just worked through this problem myself
> recently.
> You have an old version of autoconf.  

I know ; that's because I run Debian potato and cannot upgrade to more
recent Debian distro because of poor network connectivity :-(. I might be
able to upgrade autoconf, as it isn't too big, but this hasn't felt
absolutely necessary until now.

> The new version of the docs or the code or both have apparently been
> updated.  Your version might be documented accurately.  Here is what the
> say now.
>    - Macro: AC_PROG_YACC If `bison' is found, set output variable `YACC'
>    to `bison -y'.  Otherwise, if `byacc' is found, set `YACC' to `byacc'.
>    Otherwise set `YACC' to `yacc'.

What's the difference with the 2.13 docs ??

> If automake sees a .y file in your source tree it will want to see YACC
> set to some value in your  If you don't care which then just
> call AC_PROG_YACC.  But in my case I prefer a different order.  Therefore
> instead of AC_PROG_YACC I use the following.
>   AC_CHECK_PROGS(YACC,byacc yacc 'bison -y',[${am_missing_run} yacc])

Looks like a nice quick fix but this doesn't seem to work with autoconf 2.13
:-(.  The generated configure script reports that bison, byacc, yacc
are missing but happily goes on without any other warning.  I probably need
to upgrade, as I have found no mention of am_missing_run on the files owned
by my current autoconf package, whereas it is defined in m4/missing.m4 in
autoconf 2.52.

> This fulfills the need to set YACC, it looks for byacc first and then yacc
> and then finally 'bison -y' if nothing else exists.  If nothing is found
> it will call 'missing yacc' which prints a user level message describing
> the problem in their development environment.

Yeah, that'd suit me fine if it worked :). I still wonder why this isn't the
DEFAULT behavior for AC_PROG_YACC.


David Coquil

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