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From: Albert Chin
Subject: Re: AC_PROG_CC_STDC
Date: Fri, 29 Mar 2002 00:40:10 -0600
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On Wed, Mar 27, 2002 at 09:00:10PM -0500, Peter Eisentraut wrote:
> # AIX                   -qlanglvl=ansi
> # Ultrix and OSF/1      -std1
> # HP-UX 10.20 and later -Ae
> # HP-UX older versions  -Aa -D_HPUX_SOURCE
> # SVR4                  -Xc -D__EXTENSIONS__
> where -qlanglvl=ansi and -std1 select the "strict" ANSI mode, whereas one
> could use -qlanglvl=extended and -std to get the "relaxed" ANSI mode.
> However, both of these options are the default in newer compilers, so this
> code doesn't get exercised anymore.  The only compiler I know of that
> needs a flag to grok ANSI code at all is HP-UX's.

With HP-UX 11.00 and above, -Aa (dunnot about -Ae) is the default.

albert chin (address@hidden)

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