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RE: Autoconf speedup

From: Bruce Korb
Subject: RE: Autoconf speedup
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 2002 14:00:03 -0700

> Automake must rewrite the user's code to change
> @foo@ to $(foo).  This ensures there are no rewrites in the
> generated  This will break compatibility :-(.

Wrong emoticon.  Use:  >:-(  instead.   ;-)

Actually, a compatibility change is really okay, _as_long_as_
the migration path is both clear and trivial.  Further, either
the file "" should be renamed, or carry a required
marker, e.g., "##automake:  version 2"
then either add one of these to automake or advertise the
conversion plainly enough so it's really hard to miss:

  if [ ! -f Makefile.am2 ]
    convert > Makefile.am2

or else:

  egrep '^##automake: *version *[2-9]' > /dev/null || \
    { mv ; convert > ; }


Bruce Korb < at veritas com>

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