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Re: cache directory is not removed

From: Bill Wendling
Subject: Re: cache directory is not removed
Date: Thu, 6 Jun 2002 12:46:15 -0500
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Also sprach Earnie Boyd:
} There is an easy way to get rid of the cache directory.  It involves a
} simple command.  This commands  repeated use will not even come close to
} the amount of bits spread for this thread and others like it.  Just `rm
} -rf autom4te-2.53.cache' if you don't want it laying around.
That's all fine and good, but we automagically regenerate our configure
files when we do a snapshot of the code (to change the version number in
them). It complicates things unnecessarily.

BTW, the removal of automatically generating a config.cache file by
default was a bad idea, in my opinion. We actually use that file quite a
bit. There are a lot of machines which take a long time to run configure
on. If you have to reconfigure for some reason (to turn on another
option, say) it's very nice to have that file there. In fact, for some of
those machines, we copied information from the config.cache file and load
that into the configure script so that it will skip those test (in
particular, tests which determine the size of various types).

Why was config.cache deemed removable but the autom4te.cache directory

Very strange...

|| Bill Wendling                        address@hidden
|| Coding Simian

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