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Re: defined(IRIX)

From: Bill Moseley
Subject: Re: defined(IRIX)
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 2002 09:56:25 -0700

At 01:39 PM 09/27/02 +0100, Philip Willoughby wrote:
>>There is form, but no content.  This can be done using AC_TRY_RUN (or other
>>runtime check), is otherwise no better than a random guess.  Alignment
>>don't show up in compiling, but at runtime.
>This code will work providing the compiler knows how to align the type
>you're testing -- and since if it doesn't nothing's going to work anyway,
>this seems like a reasonable test to me.  Add in the fact that PostgreSQL
>manifestly does build correctly, and I think we can say it has content...

I'm not clear on that statement.  

In our case the program will compile correctly but SIGBUG when running.
That's because we have our own memory management code that does the

Bill Moseley

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