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Let's start over (was: Unifying and

From: Peter Simons
Subject: Let's start over (was: Unifying and
Date: 20 Jan 2003 00:26:19 +0100


it appears that something has been going fundamentally wrong. So let's
take a step back and start over.

All personal matters aside, we both aim for the same goal: We want to
provide an useful service to the software development community. I am
sure that our pointless discussion has annoyed pretty much everybody
on this list by now, and the chances of _either_ of us getting
feedback and help are dropping rapidly towards zero with every further
hostile exchange.

That is not helping. Neither of us.

Whatever happened that set our relationship onto the wrong track, I am
sure that a good part of it was my fault, and I want to apologize if I
conveyed the impression that I would not appreciate your knowledge or
that I would not appreciate your help back then.

I would like to see the two archives merge as much as any of us, and I
realize that we will never see that happening unless we are able to
compromise. I requested help multiple times, and you have offered help
multiple times. So obviously we have a match.

The first and most difficult step of uniting the SourceForge archive
and the GNU archive is to have a common macro repository. Or, if that
is not feasible for any other reason, to have both repositories
synchronized. Thus, I have reinstalled your CVS commit rights on
Savannah and would ask you to please add the macros that you have and
I do not.

Independent of that, we should discuss the future development of both
archives. There are lot's of changes happening on the site at
the moment, and I will try to make those changes in a way that does
not break your synchronization mechanism. Furthermore, I would
appreciate your feedback on whether those changes are good, bad, or
could be done better.

For this purpose, I have created a mailing list, to which I invite you
and _everybody_ else, who is interested in contributing to this
project, to subscribe. You can do so at:

Hope to see you there.


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