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Re: C99 Compiler Support Determination?

From: Bill Wendling
Subject: Re: C99 Compiler Support Determination?
Date: Thu, 23 Jan 2003 12:37:44 -0600
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Also sprach Russ Allbery:
} Bill Wendling <address@hidden> writes:
} > Mostly, I want to check to see if the compiler *isn't* C99 compliant.
} > There's a weird problem I'm having with a non-gcc compiler sucking in
} > header files from gcc but this non-gcc compiler isn't C99 (I don't
} > think), so it produces errors. But only if you include the
} > "-I/usr/include" flag during compilation.
} > It's making me go bald :-)
} Well, GCC isn't C99-compliant either, so I'm not sure that's the check
} that you really want to perform.
Hmm...But it does have some C99 header files (like stdint.h and
inttypes.h, the two culprits in my problem above).

} In general, -I/usr/include is always wrong.  It breaks GCC too.  If you
} can find a way to get rid of that in your build system, that may fix the
} problem.
Oh. I knew that -I/usr/include was essentially redundant, but I didn't
think that it was wrong. It would be easy to get rid of it in that case.
Thanks! :-)

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