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From: Bob Lockie
Date: Fri, 14 Feb 2003 01:58:15 -0500
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I am trying to create a but I'm having trouble.

When I put the following code in I get a warning.
if test "x$enable_ogglibs" = xyes; then
dnl Libraries required for reading ogg tags, if not found 'enable_ogglibs' is disabled
    AC_CHECK_LIB(ogg, ogg_sync_init, , enable_ogglibs=no)
    AC_CHECK_LIB(vorbis, vorbis_comment_init, , enable_ogglibs=no)
    AC_CHECK_LIB(vorbisfile, ov_open, , enable_ogglibs=no)
warning: AC_ARG_PROGRAM was called before AC_CANONICAL_TARGET

I think the code is supposed to check for the existence of the libvorbis library.
What does the "x" mean?
1. Can anybody point me to a tutorial on shell programming?
2. Does anybody know what this error means.
I've searched the web but I haven't found a good tutorial on autoconf yet.

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