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Re: library version

From: Lars Hecking
Subject: Re: library version
Date: Thu, 3 Apr 2003 19:00:43 +0100
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Bob Lockie writes:
> Is there a way to check for a specific library version rather than a 
> function in that library?

 I'm afraid not - there is no standard method for it.

 What kind of version info are you looking for? Some libraries have version
 info in the corresponding header files, e.g. for libpng 1.2.5

#define PNG_LIBPNG_VER_STRING "1.2.5"

 others might have an API function that returns version information (can't
 think of an example now). Then there's the shared library version, e.g. for
 libpng 1.2.5

-rwxr-xr-x    1 root    bin      183972 Oct 17 12:12

 and libtool has it's own library versioning scheme which is a different
 kettle of fish altogether :-)

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