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Re: ping: updating Fortran support for f9x?

From: Philippe Trottier
Subject: Re: ping: updating Fortran support for f9x?
Date: Tue, 8 Jul 2003 11:31:41 +0300

Few ideas to consider...

The detection of GNU fortran is done by passing this code to the compiler
with the extention .F

      program main
#ifndef __GNUC__
       choke me


The problem here is that cpp is going to do the preprocess here and since cpp is setting __GNU__ this works. even if the compiler is in my case from Absoft.

Then Absoft f77 and f95 will require f95 -V valid_source.f95 to return the version number ... so is f77, so the version check is also not working.
maybe add a case with -V and -v with

program main

Some compiler behaves a bit differently when called with different options, should the previous test use the AC_FC_SRCEXT ? making this before the compiler check ?


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