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Re: configure.lineno?

From: Richard Dawe
Subject: Re: configure.lineno?
Date: Sat, 10 Jan 2004 23:55:06 +0000
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Kevin Ryde wrote:
Eric Sunshine <address@hidden> writes:
All the DOS ports (djggp, mingw and cygwin) are quite recent and all
based on gnu tools, so are generally untroubled by portability

Latest for DJGPP ports: autoconf 2.57, automake 1.7.6, libtool 1.5.

automake works out-of-the-box. Later automake 1.7.x should work with DJGPP, but I think 1.7.8 is the last one I tested.

autoconf has a few small patches. These made it into CVS after 2.57, but I have no tested autoconf CVS with DJGPP for 9 months and I have no plans to.

libtool has a few patches that made it into libtool CVS after 1.5. I haven't tested libtool with DJGPP since 1.5 was released.

(Although this does not mean that we shouldn't fix it.)

Actually, I think it does mean that.  Ie. it works fine, and good
reason to believe it will always, so no need to do anything.

If config.status.lineno was introduced post-autoconf 2.57, then it may not work with DJGPP.

I did not have time to test autoconf, automake, libtool much on DOS/Windows systems with only short filename support, so I have no idea, if they work on those systems.

Bye, Rich =]

Richard Dawe [ ]

"You can't evaluate a man by logic alone."
  -- McCoy, "I, Mudd", Star Trek

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