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RE: Failing C Header Checks

From: Drummonds, Scott B
Subject: RE: Failing C Header Checks
Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2004 11:41:01 -0800

From: address@hidden 
> I just upgraded to a brand new version of Autoconf (2.59) and
> 'configure' is now failing where it previously did not.  Specifically,
> it is unable to verify the presence of any of the ANSI C header files.

After a couple of e-mails and a little trial-and-error, I've narrowed
down the scope of this problem: ac_objext is being set correctly by
configure.  However, it's not occurring until well after the ANSI C
headers have been checked.  As such, the check--which relies on this
variable's value--is failing.

First, what macro is generating the "checking for ANSI C header
files..." test?  (My environment is very large and trial-and-error
elimination may take me a very long time.)  I'd like to reorganize my
configuration around this problem.

Second, which macro is generating the "checking for suffix of object
files..." test?  Moving this test to a time before the header check may
be another way of fixing this problem.

Third, is this the intended operation of autoconf?  I haven't read any
documentation that states an explicit order in which tests must be
invoked, but I may have missed something.  If I have not missed
something, either the documentation should be updated or this
order-dependent behavior should be modified.

Thanks in advance,

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