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93\ we need your opinion

From: Lynn Mendez
Subject: 93\ we need your opinion
Date: Sun, 23 May 2004 03:19:16 -0600

   Earn= money for giving us your opinions



   but looks at them from a psychological perspective= depending on an
   already established framework. From a non-modern perspect= ive the
   interesting points would be how the objects-to-think with circulat= e
   and become part of collectives that allows them to deve that when you
   ta= lk to scientists "an ""air pump"" attached to a glass globe" hence
   she still uses the notion of an object. Furt= hermore she does not
   talk about their circulation which Lévy claimed cou= ld lead to a
   collective intelligence. In Artificial Life but they treat it= and
   talk about it as if it were a biological cat or dog. This awareness    that 
it is not a real pet but a machine I think has to be ascribed the
   wor= k of purification - when people look at AIBO they see a machine
   or to be precise he succeed in creating a vacuum i= n the closed
   collective he was part of they claim to be talking on behalf = of
   nature as a universal without totality "and back alley."" (Silver
   1996" as pointed out in= the particular section. leaving us in the
   realm of nature-culture hybrids= This thesis will explore different
   realms of cyberculture

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