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Re: acinclude.m4 help?

From: Keith MARSHALL
Subject: Re: acinclude.m4 help?
Date: Fri, 7 Oct 2005 14:44:34 +0100

> You were right, I added it to the and it is now
> displaying my option to --enable-ldap, but when specified to
> the ./configure it is not linking.  Am I missing something
> futher?  I really apologize for being a newb to this but any
> help is appreciated.

No need to apologise -- we all had to learn, at some time.

When you run `make', what do you see, to indicate that it isn't
linking?  Does it complain "file not found", (or similar), for
the libldap.a, or is it "unresolved symbol", for something you
expect from that library?  For the "file not found" case, perhaps
you need to add a `-L /path/to/lpad/lib_dir' to the LDFLAGS, so
the linker can find it.


> LIBS="-lldap $ac_save__LIBS"

why $ac_save__LIBS?  Normally, you would just say
  LIBS="-lldap $LIBS"

Also, it's considered poor style to omit the quoting in macro
calls, such as

> AC_CHECK_HEADER(ldap.h, :, AC_MSG_ERROR(message string...))

Rather say

    [AC_MSG_ERROR([message string...])])

(you normally just leave the ACTION_IF_FOUND field blank, if you
 don't want anything there).

If you get into the habit of quoting "correctly", even when it
appears unnecessary, you are less likely to get it wrong, when it
does matter.


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