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call AC_DISABLE_SHARED "conditionally" for a certain host

From: Florian Schricker
Subject: call AC_DISABLE_SHARED "conditionally" for a certain host
Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2006 11:03:50 +0100

Hi everybody on this list!

Currently I am on the way on moving some software projects from custom
makefiles to autoconf. These projects mostly depend on Xerces-C; since
we want to support Linux, Darwin & MinGW32 I ran into trouble with DLLs
on MinGW32 depending on Xerces-C DLLs so, for the first releases I
figured I might just want to disable shared libs on MinGW32  before
digging deeper on where the problems are.

To do so I did:

        case "$host" in
          *-*-linux* | *-*-darwin*)

But I guess I am missing something; it does not work. Running this
configure on GNU/Linux gives:

        checking whether to build shared libraries...
        checking whether to build static libraries... yes

and config.log contains

        configure:9339: checking whether to build shared libraries
        configure:9360: result:

showing "no result" and no shared libs is created while the static
archive is created.

On MinGW32 I get the same - but since I want no shared lib created there
it's "fine", but the problem above on GNU/Linux shows that I seem to do
something basically wrong.

Anybody an idea? Is using AC_DISABLE_SHARED like this not supported or
discouraged for any reason?

Any help would be so much appreciated; it's one of the last obstacles
before our first release ;-)

Florian Schricker
Institute of Software Technology
University of Koblenz-Landau

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