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Re: Solving the config.h nightmare ?

From: Bruce Korb
Subject: Re: Solving the config.h nightmare ?
Date: Sat, 22 Apr 2006 09:20:45 -0700
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I was thinking however to another solution that may work and be lighter
: instead of |using AC_OUTPUT_COMMANDS| or *AC_CONFIG_COMMANDS* to
generate a pre-cooked unconditional list of includes (thus removing the
needs of exposing config.h), one may just ensure that symbols in this
last file cannot clash with others. More precisely, post-processing the
config file might be as simple as :
cat CeylanConfig.h | sed 's|^#define |#define CEYLAN_|g'

Provided that my prefix (CEYLAN_) is well chosen and that in all the
Ceylan source files I use, say, "CEYLAN_HAVE_UNISTD_H" instead of
HAVE_UNISTD_H", that should do the trick, isn't it ?

Before doing the massive corresponding changes, I would like to know
whether this solution holds, and, if yes, to share it with the poor
lonesome autoconf user.

Thanks in advance for any hints,

ac-archive has that and other useful macros:

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