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Re: Help with rewriting compile rules.

From: Charles Zhang
Subject: Re: Help with rewriting compile rules.
Date: Fri, 1 Dec 2006 09:53:36 -0800 (PST)

HI, Eric, thanks for the reply. I tried your suggestion. I have two issues:
1. "configure" failes its tests of C compilation on the shell since it tries to 
use my shell scripts. I tried to comment out "AC_PROG_CC" and it didn't seem to 
disable the check after "autoreconf".
2. i also need to inherit the options on the compile line like file name and 
CFLAGS. Can I do that with your suggestion? 

Thanks again.


Yawn !!

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According to Charles Zhang on 11/30/2006 3:19 PM:
> Hi, people, I want to alter the default C compilation steps by introdcuting 
> some intermediate preprocessing steps. Which autoconf rule should I change or 
> redefine? Or maybe this is an automake problem? I'm new to this. Any help is 
> appreciated.

I would write a script that does the preprocessing and calls mytool, put
that on my path, then invoke ./configure CC=myscript.

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