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Re: m4_version_compare and new version numbering

From: Eric Blake
Subject: Re: m4_version_compare and new version numbering
Date: Sat, 03 Nov 2007 06:29:21 -0600
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According to Jim Meyering on 11/3/2007 5:01 AM:
>   $ cat --version|head -1              cat (GNU coreutils) 6.9-375-3e3f8
>   $ cat --version|sed s/-/./|head -1   cat (GNU coreutils) 6.9.375-3e3f8
>   $ cat --version|sed s/-/./g|head -1  cat (GNU coreutils) 6.9.375.3e3f8
> I'm inclined to switch coreutils to use the all-'.' version.
> Any preference/arguments for leaving the final '-' ?

I kind of like the middle approach, with '-' before the SHA1; the version
is 6.9.375 (ie. 375 changesets since 6.9), while the -3e3f8 offers
additional information on which commit lands in position 375, but doesn't
add any additional versioning granularity.

> Anyone know why git adds the 'g' prefix to the SHA1 in git-describe?
> If there's a good reason, maybe git-version-gen should not remove it,
> after all.

I'm okay with keeping the 'g' prefix out for brevity, provided you then
use the separator '-' to keep the distinction of the role of the suffix as
a non-monotonic string that represents the commit id.

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