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problem locating headers, I think

From: Robert Rehammar
Subject: problem locating headers, I think
Date: Tue, 20 May 2008 11:49:00 +0200

Hi all,

I am working on installing a set of programs called h5utils that uses
the library hdf5. This Library I installed under /scratch/ in a
parallelised version which can't be used and under /scratch/opt/ in a
serial version which should be used. I do configure with the command
./configure --prefix=/scratch/opt LDFLAGS="-L/scratch/opt/lib"
Which results in
checking hdf.h usability... no
checking hdf.h presence... no
checking for hdf.h... no
checking hdf/hdf.h usability... no
checking hdf/hdf.h presence... no
checking for hdf/hdf.h... no
checking for H5Fopen in -lhdf5... yes
checking for mkoctfile... mkoctfile
checking for octave... octave
checking where octave plugins
go... /usr/libexec/octave/2.1.57/site/oct/i686-pc-linux-gnu//
checking for v5dCreate in -lv5d... no
checking vis5d/v5d.h usability... no
checking vis5d/v5d.h presence... no
checking for vis5d/v5d.h... no
checking vis5d+/v5d.h usability... no
checking vis5d+/v5d.h presence... no
checking for vis5d+/v5d.h... no
checking netinet/in.h usability... yes
checking netinet/in.h presence... yes
checking for netinet/in.h... yes
checking for htons... yes
checking for unsigned long... yes
checking size of unsigned long... configure: error: cannot compute
sizeof (unsigned long), 77
See `config.log' for more details.

So the library is found but the headers are not and then there is a
check for the size of long that fails mysteriously. Can anyone clear
this up to me I would be very grateful! I attach config.log and

Robert Rehammar

Robert Rehammar
Krokslättsg. 2
431 67 Mölndal

Cel +46 (0)738 328834

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