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Re: How to specify /var/lib in autoconf?

From: Russell Shaw
Subject: Re: How to specify /var/lib in autoconf?
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 2009 09:30:39 +1000
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David Bruce wrote:

I'm about to start modifying my program (Tux Typing) so as to allow
creation of custom word lists.  The gist is that I need to have
modifiable files that are visible to all users.  I have been told by
knowledgable people that the appropriate location for these files
would be /var/lib/tuxtype, similar to where databases place their
files. (I presume /var/lib/tuxtype is correct if prefix is /usr, but
it would be /var/local/tuxtype with the default prefix /usr/local?).

Anyway, how do I specify this in an autotools-based program?  The
closest predefined variable seems to be "localstatedir", but the
autoconf manual says it is "$prefix/var."  My Debian system doesn't
have either "/usr/var" or "/usr/local/var".  Any suggestions?

If you want to refer to the path in C code as a macro "LOCALSTATEDIR",
you have in

  AM_CPPFLAGS = -DLOCALSTATEDIR=\"$(pkglocalstatedir)\"

Also in, you need this to install data:

  dist_pkglocalstate_DATA = <path_to_tux_state_data>

If there's no data to install but you just need the directory created,
i think you need:

    $(install_sh) -d -m 755 $(DESTDIR)$(pkglocalstatedir)

    rm -rf $(DESTDIR)$(pkglocalstatedir)

Autoconf stuff is all too vague to figure out from the manual. A lot
of things are figured out by the errors given by "make distcheck",
and looking through the generated and Makefile.

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