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Re: AC_CONFIG_FILES and chmod

From: Eric Blake
Subject: Re: AC_CONFIG_FILES and chmod
Date: Tue, 16 Jun 2009 06:26:38 -0600
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According to Lorenzo Bettini on 6/13/2009 2:05 AM:
> On, if you need to set the executable flag of a file
> generated by configure, you can do like this (as reported in the manual):
> AC_CONFIG_FILES([Makefile src/Makefile man/Makefile X/Imakefile])
> AC_CONFIG_FILES([autoconf], [chmod +x autoconf])
> Now, since I have many generated files to set as executable, is there a
> quicker way than to have an AC_CONFIG_FILES([...], [chmod +x ...])
> instruction for each file?

You could use AC_CONFIG_COMMANDS and create a single tag that performs the
chmod for all such files in a single process.  This is similar to the
AC_CONFIG_COMMANDS tag created by automake for computing compilation
dependencies all in one step.  However, there is no way to associate that
tag with the tag for each file, and also remember that config.status can
instantiate just one rather than every tag.  Thus, if the user builds just
one file, they would have to independently also request the tag that runs
the bulk chmod command.  So it may be safest after all to just keep with
the current usage of one chmod command per file that needs it, even though
that ends up with more typing in and more processes during

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