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Question on Tru64 compiler options

From: Paul Smith
Subject: Question on Tru64 compiler options
Date: Sun, 02 Aug 2009 15:56:10 -0400

Hi all; I have a bug filed with GNU make that says:

        Building GNU Make on Tru64 requires 
        _XOPEN* is needed to get the prototype for bsd_signal(), and
        _OSF* to typedef u_long and friends, which is used in some
        system headers pulled in by getloadavg.c (and without said
        typedefs, the build breaks when compiling that file). I've
        confirmed that neither of these flags is made redundant by the
        Please make a note of this in the documentation, or add
        appropriate logic to the configure script. I was able to
        determine the need for these flags, but other users might not.

Of these options of course I'd prefer to do something in autoconf that
would do this automatically.  Does anyone have any ideas on this, short
of checking the host/os explicitly?

I already have an AC_CHECK_FUNCS() for bsd_signal but I guess this isn't
good enough to get the prototype?

I'm not sure what the deal is with u_long; I certainly don't use it
myself so I can only assume there's an error in the Tru64 headers that
needs to be worked around somehow...?

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