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Re: porting with autotools

From: Reuben Hawkins
Subject: Re: porting with autotools
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 2010 09:00:02 -0700

On Sat, Aug 28, 2010 at 1:04 AM, Ralf Wildenhues <address@hidden> wrote:
> * Reuben Hawkins wrote on Sat, Aug 28, 2010 at 12:44:20AM CEST:
>> I've been working on the code and posting to gitorious.  I don't mind
>> adding copyright headers (as long as it's the "share your work" kind).
> Oh, that's not what I meant (though copyright headers would be needed
> too).  Copyright assignment is a process where you and the FSF sign a
> piece of paper with legalese on it.  Below is some background and
> maintainer infos on it:
> Now, if you are still interested in contributing, and maybe in perl
> rather than C, then I will send you the details off-list.
> Cheers,
> Ralf

Hi Ralf,

Yes, I'm interested in contributing, but not in Perl.  It'll have to
be C code.  I'll check back with you in a few weeks when I feel the
code is ready.


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