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Re: Qt4 autoconf macros

From: santilistas
Subject: Re: Qt4 autoconf macros
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 2010 07:36:39 +0200
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Frederik Heber1 escribió:
> Hey there,
> one look into autoconf archives at
> revealed: bnv_have_qt
> ... which however is from 2006.
Yes, I knew that, but it is for Qt3 and I need it for Qt4.

> I do use one other macro (gwqt4.m4) but was unable to find it via its
> filename on the net ... just to make clear: I am not the author. If
> someone does know, please mail me a ref to put into the m4's comments.
> As I am currently not aware of the attachment-policy of the
> mailinglist, just give a shout if bnv_have_qt does not suffice and
> I'll send it as an attachment.
I definitely need it, I'll give you a shout. By the way, why can't
gwqt4.m4 be in the autoconf archives?

Kind regards

> Regards,
> Frederik Heber
> Am 19.10.2010 09:56, schrieb santilistas:
>> Hi list,
>> I have been looking for a long while Qt4 macros for autoconf and they
>> seem not to exist.
>> I don't want to make a full Qt4 project, but include Qt4 as a plugin
>> into my project.
>> Has anyone got those macros?
>> Thanks
>> --santilin
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