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acx_mpi and ac_lang_push

From: Jim Edwards
Subject: acx_mpi and ac_lang_push
Date: Mon, 1 Aug 2011 11:36:32 -0600


I have a configure script that uses acx_mpi from the macro archive.   It
then wants to test some features of the MPI implementation such are whether
mpi-io is supported, and I am trying to improve these tests to add them to
the archive.   So ACX_MPI sets MPICC or MPIFC or MPIF77  and MPILIBS , but
then my subsequent tests want to use AC_LANG_CASE which falls back to CC or
FC or F77 - is there a way to make AC_LANG_* recognize the MPI variants of
compilers?   Other suggestions on how I might do this?


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