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Re: 1.6.1 todo (was: Re: Patch: FYI: PR 304)

From: Tom Tromey
Subject: Re: 1.6.1 todo (was: Re: Patch: FYI: PR 304)
Date: 25 Mar 2002 22:52:56 -0700

>>>>> "adl" == Alexandre Duret-Lutz <address@hidden> writes:

adl> I don't understand all the issues involved in depcomp.  For
adl> instance, why does it compute dependencies in the background?

Performance.  It's probably the case that it is faster to run the two
compilations in parallel than to run them sequentially.

This might be a mistake; we might find strange bugs doing this.  If so
we can always serialize; this will further penalize some compilers,
but I don't mind that -- it is a reason to switch to a more capable

adl>   extra6     -  fails on Tru64 too, see the discussion with Nicolas
adl>                 Joly on bug-automake.

This is the CONFIG_SITE thing, right?  Let's just check in your
proposed change (either of them).  I don't think we need to worry
about all the cases that autoconf does.

adl>   pr87       -  a distcheck issue I've not investigated

This is closed.  I thought there was another problem referring to it,
but I couldn't find it.

adl>   ccnoco     -  PR/310
adl>   pr224      -  PR/310
adl>   subobj6    -  PR/310
adl>   yacc8      -  PR/310
adl>   yaccvpath  -  I've not looked at it.  Another VPATH horror, I
adl>                 guess.
adl> None of them would fail when using GNU make (with CVS Automake).

If we can support VPATH for SunOS (I usually write "Solaris", since
"SunOS" forever means SunOS 3.x/4.x to me), then that would be nice.
However, I don't think this is a 1.6.1 issue.  For now we could just
require GNU make in these tests.

I suspect we'll have trouble making VPATH work reliably.  Maybe we
could have some assertion that says "I want VPATH to work on Solaris,
warn me if I somehow break it".  Then we could disable features (e.g.,
nobase_) which are not easy or possible to make work in that scenario.

That's a lot to do.  It's easier to just prohibit this.  Still, if
someone feels like doing the work, I'm for it.

adl>   subdir5    -  XPASS.  I've not looked at this one

Hari fixed this, though the patch isn't in yet.


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