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less verbose uninstallation of ltlibraries

From: Ralf Wildenhues
Subject: less verbose uninstallation of ltlibraries
Date: Mon, 8 Aug 2005 16:09:54 +0200
User-agent: Mutt/1.4.1i

Please apply this tiny patch to have `make uninstall' of LTLIBRARIES be
on a similar verbosity level as other uninstallation.


        * lib/am/ (uninstall-%DIR%LTLIBRARIES): Do not put
        shell in verbose mode.

Index: lib/am/
RCS file: /cvs/automake/automake/lib/am/,v
retrieving revision 1.32
diff -u -r1.32
--- lib/am/     14 May 2005 20:28:53 -0000      1.32
+++ lib/am/     8 Aug 2005 14:09:14 -0000
@@ -64,7 +64,7 @@
 .PHONY uninstall-am: uninstall-%DIR%LTLIBRARIES
-       @set -x; list='$(%DIR%_LTLIBRARIES)'; for p in $$list; do \
+       @list='$(%DIR%_LTLIBRARIES)'; for p in $$list; do \
 ?BASE?   p=$(am__strip_dir) \
 ?LIBTOOL?        echo " $(LIBTOOL) --mode=uninstall rm -f 
'$(DESTDIR)$(%NDIR%dir)/$$p'"; \
 ?LIBTOOL?        $(LIBTOOL) --mode=uninstall rm -f 
"$(DESTDIR)$(%NDIR%dir)/$$p"; \

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