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Re: Logic-o in automake manual

From: Ralf Wildenhues
Subject: Re: Logic-o in automake manual
Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2008 21:08:19 +0100
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Hello Reuben,

* Reuben Thomas wrote on Mon, Feb 04, 2008 at 12:50:45PM CET:
> You mean "appear newer", not "appear older", as "" is 
> lexically after "configure". If "appeared older" than 
> configure, then configure would not be rebuilt, spuriously or otherwise.
> By the way, "alphabetical order" should be "lexical order".

Thanks for the report.  Patched as follows, master and branch-1-10.


2008-02-05  Reuben Thomas  <address@hidden>

        * doc/automake.texi (CVS): will appear newer, not
        older, than configure.  Use `lexical' instead of `alphabetical'.

diff --git a/doc/automake.texi b/doc/automake.texi
index 9d311be..c0ace40 100644
--- a/doc/automake.texi
+++ b/doc/automake.texi
@@ -9636,8 +9636,8 @@ update, not the original timestamp of this revision.  
This is meant to
 make sure that @command{make} notices sources files have been updated.
 This timestamp shift is troublesome when both sources and generated
-files are kept under address@hidden  Because CVS processes files in 
-order, @file{} will appear older than @file{configure}
+files are kept under address@hidden  Because CVS processes files in lexical
+order, @file{} will appear newer than @file{configure}
 after a @command{cvs update} that updates both files, even if
 @file{configure} was newer than @file{} when it was
 checked in.  Calling @command{make} will then trigger a spurious rebuild

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