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Re: pr-msvc-support merge

From: Peter Rosin
Subject: Re: pr-msvc-support merge
Date: Wed, 23 Jun 2010 08:08:08 +0200
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Hi Ralf,

Den 2010-06-22 21:24 skrev Ralf Wildenhues:
* Peter Rosin wrote on Tue, Jun 22, 2010 at 01:53:49PM CEST:
(also folding in the "cl\ * | */cl\ *" cases suggested by Ralf in
another threadlet)

Since the following is way over the top IMHO:

   [cC][lL] | *[/\\][cC][lL] | [cC][lL]\ * | *[/\\][cC][lL]\ * \
   | [cC][lL].[eE][xX][eE]    | *[/\\][cC][lL].[eE][xX][eE]    \
   | [cC][lL].[eE][xX][eE]\ * | *[/\\][cC][lL].[eE][xX][eE]\ * )
     func_cl_wrapper "$@"      # Doesn't return...

Wait a minute.  You're comparing against $1.  Why does that ever contain
more than one word?  If it contained "cl -MD", then the script will
later try to execute the program named "cl -MD", not cl with -MD as
first argument.  IOW, CC="cl -MD" still gets you only "cl" here.

Gosh. You're right of course. Updated patch attached with this instead
(still over the top to support case-insensitivity IMHO):

  cl | *[/\\]cl | cl.exe | *[/\\]cl.exe )
    func_cl_wrapper "$@"      # Doesn't return...

Thanks for catching that and sorry for leading you the wrong way with
that "would complicate the detection of cl" comment earlier.


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