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Re: [PATCH] depcomp tests: speed up libtool-based tests

From: Stefano Lattarini
Subject: Re: [PATCH] depcomp tests: speed up libtool-based tests
Date: Sun, 12 Feb 2012 09:47:22 +0100

Hi Peter, sorry for the delay.

Peter Rosin wrote:
> [SNIP]
> Libtool normally puts objects related to shared libs in .libs so that they
> don't clash with objects from the static libs. But if libtool isn't doing
> any static libs, it puts the objects for the shared libs where it otherwise
> would have put the objects for the static libs.  I guess this change in
> layout is what caused the original trouble?
Yes (at least that is how I've understood it).

> But that is perhaps best seen as an internal detail and we'd better not
> optimize out the static-only build (i.e. perhaps optimizing it out on the
> grounds that it doesn't add much coverage, but in the end not optimizing it
> out because the optimization relies on an Libtool-internal detail that might
> change).  Besides, there might be some odd platform that only builds
> shared libs by default, and in that case you do get increased coverage by
> doing all three variants.
And that's why we continue to do the "threefold" test for the automatically
selected depmode -- we should be quite safe on that front IMHO.

> All in all, I think you proposed change is sane.  I haven't actually tested
> it, but what the hell, it looks good so go ahead.
OK, pushed.


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