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[PATCH] {master} tests: quote 'like this', not `like this', as per GCS r

From: Stefano Lattarini
Subject: [PATCH] {master} tests: quote 'like this', not `like this', as per GCS recommendation
Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2012 14:23:22 +0100

This commit has been for the greatest part autogenerated, but has
also required some manual tweaking and adjustments.  A review would
thus be very welcome.  I will wait until tomorrow before pushing.

The patch is attached compressed; its statistics are:

  443 files changed, 977 insertions(+), 977 deletions(-)

Below is the commit message.



tests: quote 'like this', not `like this', as per GCS recommendation

This patch converts the automake testsuite and related files, to
the use of new quoting format 'like this' or "like this" rather
than `like this'.

This is done for consistency with the new recommendations in the GNU
Coding Standards, and, well, because I've come to actually prefer
the '...' and "..." quoting formats over the `...' one.

* tests/README: Update quoting format throughout.  Remove some
"excessive" use of quoting, and throw in minor rewording where
* tests/ Likewise, for comments.
* tests/ Likewise.
* tests/ Likewise.
* tests/defs: Likewise.
* tests/trivial-test-driver: Likewise.
* Many tests/*.tap, tests/*.test and tests/*.sh files: Likewise,
and for the diagnostic and informational messages as well.
* tests/gen-testsuite-part: Likewise, and for the generated tests
as well.

Attachment: 0001-tests-quote-like-this-not-like-this-as-per-GCS-recom.patch.gz
Description: application/gzip

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