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RE: bug#8880: [PATCH] add pgcc support to depcomp

From: Daily, Jeff A
Subject: RE: bug#8880: [PATCH] add pgcc support to depcomp
Date: Wed, 29 Feb 2012 09:59:38 -0800

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Stefano Lattarini [mailto:address@hidden
> Sent: Tuesday, February 28, 2012 9:48 AM
> To: Daily, Jeff A
> Cc: Dave Goodell; address@hidden
> Subject: Re: bug#8880: [PATCH] add pgcc support to depcomp
> [Dropping bug-automake]
> Hi Jeff, Dave.
> On 02/28/2012 12:44 AM, Daily, Jeff A wrote:
> >>> we'll need a proper disclaimer from *all* the people who have
> >>> written this code before incorporating it in the automake repository.  So
> I ask:
> >>>
> >>>  Would you and the other people that have written this code be
> >>> willing to assign the copyright to the Free Software Foundation, so
> >>> that we could install it in package?
> >>>
> >>> or, this is not possible or undesired for some reason,
> >>>
> >>>  Would you and the other people that have written this code be
> >>> willing to sign a copyright disclaimer to put this change in the
> >>> public domain,  so that we can install it in package?
> >>
> >> Either option is fine with me, with a slight preference towards the
> >> latter.  If one or the other is more compatible with Jeff's
> >> situation, then we can do that.
> >>
> >> -Dave
> >
> > The latter option is fine with me.
> >
> > Jeff
> >
> Thanks.  Then, following the directions given in "Information for Maintainers
> of GNU Software" document:
>   <>
> I'm attaching the 'request-disclaim.changes' file, that should explain you how
> to contact the FSF in order to put such disclaimer properly in place (legally
> speaking).  I hope the directions given there are clear enough; if not, feel
> free to ask for more information either on-list or off-list.

I followed the instructions for getting the copyright disclaimer.  I received 
it from FSF and sent it to legal.  Our contracting officer disagreed and 
instead has put together our own copyright disclaimer:

(name/other identification of the software) Battelle Memorial Institute, as 
owner of all copyrights of its employees as works for hire, hereby irrevocably 
disclaims any copyrights in the above-referenced work.  The work may be placed 
in the public domain and made freely available to any user without regard to 
For Battelle Memorial Institute
By: ____________________________
        David R. Long
        Contracting Officer

Might we use this disclaimer instead of the one the FSF sent me?


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