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Re: [PATCH] silent-many-generic: be stricter in silent rules pattern

From: Stefano Lattarini
Subject: Re: [PATCH] silent-many-generic: be stricter in silent rules pattern
Date: Wed, 29 Feb 2012 19:48:12 +0100

On 02/28/2012 08:52 PM, Dave Goodell wrote:
> Your patch does not work for me.
Yep, that's because of this embarassing mistake:  I used
 '*CC '*)
where I should have (obviously) used:
  *'CC '*)

> Attached is a fixed version of your patch that matches the offending $CXX
> value correctly, handles spaces in compiler wrapper arguments,
Ouch, you're right, I had forgotten to properly escape some '"' when creating
the wrapper script :-( *blush*

> and fixes a typo.
> If you have a better alternative to the conservative "case" statement that
> I used, please use it.  Between the recommendations in the autoconf manual
> and the recent thread on autoconf@ about ${1+"$@"}, I'm a bit unsure about
> the best way to proceed besides using the case block.
No, you patch is good enough as it stands (and, even more important, is
*tested*); I've applied it in your name, with the following slightly-edited
commit message:

    tests: fix spurious failure with Portland Compilers

    * tests/silent-many-generic.test ( Be more careful
    in the workaround to avoid spurious failures with C++ compilers
    containing the string "CC" in their names; this avoids spurious
    failures with at least the Sun Studio C++ compiler (when named
    "sunCC") and the Portland Group C++ Compiler ("pgCC").
    Also handle arguments with whitespace correctly in the 'am--cxx'
    temporary wrapper.
    * THANKS: Update.

    Co-authored-by: Stefano Lattarini <address@hidden>
    Copyright-paperwork-exempt: yes


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