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Re: pr19.test

From: edward
Subject: Re: pr19.test
Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2001 04:34:38 -0500


    2) lines 4946-4947 of version 1.977

    # FIXME: nodist.
    &push_dist_common ($pfx . $base . '.' . $ext);

    commenting out the last line removes foo.c (which is a temporary file)
from the make distdir target, which fails because according to automake,
foo.c is supposed to be redistributed. however, (gnu) make removes temporary
files like foo.c (generated from foo.l). in my opinion, this is correct and
should not be redistributed. the writer can always explicitly
include foo.c if they really want to. from the comment in the
file, it seems the automake peeps are aware of this. there are similar
comments in with other generated files as well.

Here is the context:

foo.o: foo.l

make has enough information to convert foo.l -> foo.c (via lex/flex)
then compile foo.c to foo.o. However, since foo.c is an intermediate file
it is deleted.

automake adds foo.c to the list of dist files though, via push_dist_common.
from the comments in the automake source, it appears this is already known,
but i don't know if anyone plans on doing anything about it. by the way,
issue for other auto-generated files. just search for "FIXME:


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